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Voltage Stabilizers and Transformers Manufacturer

With years of experience in the power industry, Rameshwar Electricals understands the challenges of voltage fluctuations. And aware of how voltage can damage electronic production machines and lead to damage and loss of profit.

Here we offer a wide range of servo voltage stabilizers and transformers. That protects electronic equipment from voltage fluctuations. During power outages or spikes, our stabilizers provide consistent voltage output. As a result your equipment is always running at peak performance.

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Our Mission

Rameshwar Electricals aims to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of stabilizers and transformers. With the highest quality products and services, we earn the trust of customers.

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Our Vission

We provide the best possible protection from voltage fluctuations, through that your equipment can run smoothly. Also, we are on a mission to provide the best functionality at an affordable rate.

What do we believe in?

As manufacturers and suppliers of Voltage Stabilizers and Transformers, stand committed to delivering excellence, integrity, innovation, and quality with cutting-edge technology.


Always follow excellence and provide the highest quality products and services. Also, adopt cutting-edge technology and provide appropriate training to our customers.


At Rameshwar Electricals we are always honest with our clients and have transparency in our working process. This provides a fair value to deal with our customers.


We are always looking to improve our stabilizers and transformers. While listening to our customer's requirements, and conducting thorough research we bring innovation live.

Customer Support

Customer support set us apart in a world of competition. While resolving their problems quickly and efficiently we provide our customers with the information they need.

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What Our Customers Thinks of Our Products

Made In India Product. Best Quality product and Good after sales and Services...

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Infinite Batteries

Good Quality Products. And Fast Response on service issues.

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Surendar Vishwkarma

Super quality and better service support thank you

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Kishor Bhuva

Service is very fast. Quality And Price affordable.

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Balkrishna Chandavaniya

Very good Quality product. Affordable Price Of Stabilizer.

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Krunal Patel