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IGBT Online Ups System (MAXIPRO/MXP)

In a recent study conducted by Bell Labs, it was revealed that under-voltage and sudden dips are the prevailing power challenges in our country today. However, fear not, as our UPS systems come to the rescue with their Wide Input range and Online design, effectively preventing data loss during outages and brownouts.

These cutting-edge systems are manufactured with State-of-the-Art IGBT Technology both at Input and Output, ensuring utmost efficiency and significant savings in electricity costs. With a thoughtful approach to the unique power and environmental conditions in India, our IGBT Online Ups System is built to deliver top-notch performance and peace of mind.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Wide Input Window
  • Generator Compatible
  • Computer Grade Power
  • Superior Float Cum Boost Charger
  • IGBT Based High Frequency PWM Inverter
  • O/P Distortion & It; 3%
  • Inverter Efficiency > 92%
  • High Crest Factor > 4: 1
  • Crystal Controlled Output Frequency 50 Hz ± 0.01%
  • Low Noise & It; 50 db upto 10 KVA
  • Compact, Sleek Design
  • Large Backup
  • RS 232 C/SNMP Interface
  • SNMP (Optional)
  • Tested by Reputed Agencies
Feature Description
Models 3303 3305 3310 3315 3320 3325 3330 3340 3350 3360 3380
Capacity 3 KVA 5 KVA 10 KVA 15 KVA 20 KVA 25 KVA 30 KVA 40 KVA 50 KVA 60 KVA 80 KVA
AC Input Voltage 415V, -20% +15%
AC Output Parameters AC Input Frequency 50 Hz +/- 10%
AC Output Voltage 415V AC Three Phase
Voltage Regulation +/-1%
Frequency 0.01% (Crystal Controlled)
Waveform Sinewave
Harmonic Distortion Less than 3%
Efficiency >93% for 180V DC
Power Factor 0.8 lagging (0.9 optional on request)
Overload 110% for 10 Minutes
Crest Factor >4:1
Output Distortion <3%
Transient Recovery Within 3 Cycles
Protections Battery Over Voltage, Battery Under Voltage, Output AC Over Voltage, Output Overload / Short Circuit
Indications Mains ON, Load on Batteries, Battery Low, Load On Mains, Battery Boost, Battery Level Graph, Inverter Overload, Load Level Graph
Metering tering Available for Output Voltage / Battery Voltage / Output Current/Output Frequency (Customised Metering Option Available)
Ambient Conditions a) Operating - 0 Deg. C-50 Deg. C b) Storage - 0 Deg. C - 60 Deg. C
c) Relative Humidity - 95% RH d) Operating Altitude - upto 2000 Meters
e) Audible Noise <50db at 1 Meter upto 10 KVA
<60db at 1 Meter above 10 KVA
Isolation Full inbuilt isolation between I/P & O/P by transformer at the output
Optional Features Static Bypass Switch, SNMP Interface / RS 232, Remote On / Off Panel, Hot Standby Mode, Remote Indicator Panel, Parallel Redundant Mode
ISO 9001 / 14001 / 18001 / RoHS / CE/ EMC Safety

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